Monday, September 10, 2007

Welcome to BADGAR BLOG

G'day, on behalf of all the BADGAR team, welcome to the blog!
The blog was launched 10th September 2007. If you've seen our TV ads, heard our radio ads, read our media, or if you're a rescuer.... or wannabe rescuer... then get blogging!

Did you like our ads, what area are you from in Australia, have you ever had to call a rescue team?

Let us know!

Happy Blogging. Walt, Donna and the entire team at BADGAR.
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Anonymous said...

LOVE your new Tv ads guys... your are the best... thanks for helping the environment... how can I join?


Visit our website and download a membership form, fill it in and print it out, then send it to us! You'll get a free car sticker, heaps of cool stuff and we'll keep you posted on developments!

Anonymous said...

Hey Badgar, my mum used to have a shelter in gippsland years ago. We saw your tv ad... it's so brilliant... we want a copy! Putting the message into the public light so upfrontly is really brave of you and we think its such a good move... good luck with everything

Anonymous said...

Tiff Ampt is hot

Anonymous said...

I was driving through the bush & unfortunately I hit a wallaby that ran
out onto the road.

As this wallaby was still alive I wrapped her in warm clothes &
attempted find a rescue person,

the operator didn't know the emergency wildlife group in the local
area, I drove to the vets close

by which was closed then onto work where I rang the local Vet clinic.

I was given Badgars number & called for help. Unfortunately the mother
died & a baby was

Still alive in her pouch. I was very grateful that a nice man came &
tended to the baby,

Unfortunately the Joey was too young & wouldn't survive then man took
the baby home to euthanize.

I wish that I was able to get a contact number sooner or
knew what to do in this kind of

Emergency sooner, then perhaps it would have been a better outcome for
mum & bubs. I would like

to receive some information about the wildlife rescue training so I may
be better equipped to deal

with any future incidences that I might encounter.

I live on a 10 acre property with 2/3 bush land & would like to know
more about what's

involved in being a wildlife carer & providing shelter or
re-introducing recovered wildlife into their bush

environment. etc. I have always been interested but felt that my busy
lifestyle wouldn't allow it, but

since my recent misadventure I would like to find out more about this so
I can make an informed decision.

Thanks for your help & time


Yeah thanks for your comment. We're working on getting our message out there... we have a tv ad on air and some radio...

We have also contacted all government departments in victoria and they are including us as a service from November 1st... we share your frustration too!!


Anonymous said...
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Thanks for that.. there are a million ways you can get involved. But seeing as though you are 13, you'll need to get mum and/or dad on board with you. You will need to have your parents contact us so that we can put you in touch with the closest BADGAR people or wildlife shelter. Sounds like you've got heaps to offer mate... but get a parent to contact us so that we can put you in touch!

Anonymous said...

we know that you take the time and energy in rescueing these animals but, what about the shelters that rehabilitate and take care of these animals??? after they have been succesfully rescued!


Thanks for your comment. BADGAR has no involvement in the rehabilitation of wildlife once rescued. We are purely a front line rescue service. All wildlife rescued is passed onto the shelter closest to which the animal came from. Quite often shelters wont take animals, or they are full to the brim. IN this case the animals taken to the second closest shelter and so on. Shelters and carers are amazing people and work extremely hard, often un-noticed by funding bodies and so on. Whenever money is donated to BADGAR for a rescue, that money is taken onto the shelter the aninals goes to. For example, an injured Joey came to Ballarat from close to Linton.. the man who brought it in gave $50 in good faith. That money was given to Linton shelter along with the animal.
Hope I've answered your question. Be a devil and reveal yourself!!!